Your infrastructure,
Secured & Connected


-No complicated firewalls required
-No public internet exposure
-Multi-site private IP Connectivity

- Tablet HMI is fully mobile
- Data is collected and stored automatically
- Alarms and Events are monitored in real time

- Reliable Wireless Connectivity
- Cloud Based Data Collection
- Remote Technical Support

- Affordable high-speed wireless connectivity
- Travel time savings
- Overtime savings
- OPEX Available
- Financing Available

- Cloud Based compliance data at your fingertips
- Monitor and control an entire multi-site system from your tablet.
- Analyze process data historically for leak and infiltration detection

Let us get stated on your transformation today
Value Promise Master Definition by the Integrated applications (Tower)

Typical water plant infrastructure

  • Water towers and impoundments monitored manually, or via antiquated communications technologies (Phone Line, Leased Lines)
  • Pump stations controlled by a variety of “disconnected” systems. Chlorine levels monitored manually, or logged to some type of memory device that has to be uploaded manually.
  • Even “modern” pump stations and wells that are connected via cable modems or DSL lines require complex firewall hardware that is expensive to set up and maintain. Ironically these “modern” systems that utilize the “public” internet are the most venerable to cyber-attack.
  • Alarms and events are connected to an analog phone dialer. These units are antiquated and frequently damaged from line surges. Dialers are cryptic to setup and often multiple alarms are connected to a common dialer so it calls out but the alarm lacks substance and detail.
  • Typically, data collection is either manual or semi-automatic. Clipboards and paper records are easy to loose and prone to mistakes. Paper records are stored in file cabinets or in desk drawers making them difficult to retrieve in a timely fashion.
  • Typically, a local HMI comes in the form of a desk-mounted PC or panel-mounted interface of some kind. PCs are expensive to purchase and maintain. Software becomes outdated, hard-drives fail and power supplies fail. Another huge problem with this technology is maintaining a proper back-up of the application. Disaster Recovery can be expensive and painful as charger are lost or go undocumented.

Optimized water plant infrastructure

  • Water towers and impoundments are monitored by a private cellular IP network that is fast, secure, and simple.
  • The network is not only fast, it’s smart. The network actually monitors its own heath.
  • Pump stations controlled by a single synergized system.
  • Chlorine levels are monitored and reported automatically. Data is logged to the cloud automatically.
  • Systems are connected and data flows over high-speed private IP network.
  • Cyber security is elevated to new levels as data traffic is isolated from external internet access.
  • Alarms and events are monitored in real time.
  • Notifications are instantaneous and contain explicit detail associated with a particular alarm/event.
  • Events can be distributed to multiple recipients with ease.
  • A detailed time-stamped alarm log is kept for audit trail purposes.
  • Data collection is taken to a new level.
  • Analytical instrumentation data is automatically logged to the cloud.
  • Data is available for monitoring by anyone with an internet connection.
  • Local HMI and visualization goes to a new high!
  • Monitor the entire infrastructure on the same wall mounted TV screen that you use to monitor news and weather.
  • Leaving for the day, turn it off and save energy.
  • VZRscada comes standard with redundant UPS enabled power supplies.
  • Full disaster recovery is accomplished in minutes. You will sleep well, knowing your system is powered by VZRscada.