Your infrastructure,
Secured & Connected


VZRscada is a trademarked product of CoStream. It has been in development for many years and is the result of the collaborative effort of numerous great people.

Our network team put together the cyber secure infrastructure and connectivity. Our PLC and HMI teams put together the control and monitoring software that is at the heart of VZRscada. Our engineering team is constantly upgrading and enhancing VZRscada so it is the very best it can be.

It’s the fantastic and talented staff at CoStream that is behind the success of VZRscada. Give us a call today and find out how you can put the power of VZRscada to work for you!

technician team
vzrscada technician team

VZRscada has an experienced and highly talented technical team.

application leadership
vzrscada application leadership

The VZRscada applications team is here to apply the power of CSIoT² to your system. We will visit your site and do a lot of listening and looking. The Apps team will provide you with a detailed optimization plan.

system engineering team
vzrscada application leadership

Our world Class engineering team will design, build and install your solution. Our Team will have you up and running fast. Need help?, Call us, we’ll answer.

system manager team
vzrscada system manager team

The VZRscada management team is committed to our ITD core values – Integrity, Teamwork and Diligence are the pillars of our organization.

system sales team
vzrscada system manager team

The VZRscada sales Team is there for you. Give our sales team 20 minutes over lunch. We’ll feed you and educate you on the merits of VZRscada. Call us today. We’ll pick up.