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How does VZRscada’s remote support service benefit your infrastructure? “Having the ability for the VZRscada team to access our system remotely to make operational programming changes is not only convenient, but has a large cost savings.  When needing service prior to VZRscada, other integrators would charge travel time and minimum billing rates”, – Greg Olander, GHJSA Director.

How VZRscada Helped

Our objective was to provide a synergized mobile SCADA platform for all six of their pump stations. Allowing for real-time portable monitoring, data collection, and alarm notification.

Results, Return on Investment

With the data collection service, automated reports, and a cloud based interface to interact with all the collected data, the system pays for itself. Reducing hourly site visits for data collection and health checks.

The reporting feature allows detailed reports to be generated to satisfy Regulatory requirements eliminating hours of manual data entry.

GHJSA had 4 out of 6 of their pump stations utilizing Allen Bradley control hardware. VZRscada had no problem controlling my existing hardware.  The 2 other pumps stations had no automation whatsoever. They were able to provide a turnkey automation solution for control and visualization that matched my other 4 stations”, – Steve Delman, Operation Manager.

VZRscada displays every piece of monitored data using high resolution graphics. Forget PID drawings, and outdated graphics.

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VZRscada provided a turn-key solution for synergizing data collection, real time monitoring, and event notification of the Greater Hazleton Joint Sewer Authorities pump stations.


The Authority has 4 large pump stations that service the entire city of Hazleton, with a population of 25,000 people and was also in the process of acquiring two smaller pump stations that were in dire need of a control system upgrade.

Prior to VZRscada, the Authority could only monitor their pump stations by way of a text message notification system. Any real-time data visualization was only achievable by physically being onsite at a pump station.

VZRscada can provide customer tailored screens to fit your monitoring needs. Customers can view all pertinent pieces of data across multiple locations on one screen, saving time and money!